7078Multi-Grammy nominee R. Carlos Nakai melds the haunting sounds of the Native American flute with the soulful expressiveness of the cello of Udi Bar-David (of the Philadelphia Orchestra). Native American, Jewish, and Arabic melodies are presented in diverse arrangements unified by two eclectic and iconoclastic artists who personify their respective peoples. Multi-Grammy nominee Will Clipman adds subtle percussive colors that expand this multi-cultural sharing and exploration.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Omaha Song (4:29)
2. Whirlwinds Dancing (5:52)
3. Voyagers – Improvisation 12 (2:53)
4. Lech Lamidbar – Go to the Desert (2:05)
5. Neishheel Dahashzhiizh –Dream Time (4:17)
6. Bashraf Farahfaza (2:28)
7. Amazing Grace (3:53)
8. Prayer from Jewish Life (5:15)
9. Crow Wing (3:07)
10. Longa Farahfaza (3:07)
11. Y’did Nefesh – Companion of My Soul (4:19)
12. Lake That Speaks (4:19)
13. Hayu Leilot – Those Were Nights (4:23)
14. Indigena Indigenous (4:32)
Total Time: 58:13


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