7071Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai joins with famed Hawaiian slack key guitarist Keola Beamer in a new album, Our Beloved Land. Nakai, the world’s leading performer of the traditional flute with over 3.5 million albums sold, journeyed to Hawaii where he spent time fitting the haunting melodies of his traditional flute into the songs and arrangements of Beamer, one of the leading slack key guitar players. The result is a new music, blending elements of two indigenous American cultures that expresses the cultures of both artists. Features Moananlani Beamer.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Waipi’o Pāka’alana (5:00)
2. Aia I Moloka’i Ku’u ‘Iwa (3:25)
3. Ka Honua – “The Earth” (4:57)
4. Ke Ha’a Ala Puna (4:41)
5. E Manono (4:30)
6. Ka Manō – “The Shark” (5:34)
7. Iā ‘Oe E Ka Lā – “For You, O Glittering Sun” (5:22)
8. Nani Hā’upu (4:45)
9. Ke Ao Nani – “The Beautiful World ” (3:53)
10. Lāpule – “Sunday” (6:41)
11. The Good Road (2:36)
Total Time: 51:26


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