7016Music of the Old World and New are vividly combined by composer James DeMars in a new, exciting album. The brilliant sonorities of the Canyon symphony orchestra create a colorful setting for R. Carlos Nakai (Navajo-Ute) in Two World Concerto and Gray Hawks Rising. The Black Lodge Singers (Blackfeet), internationally acclaimed pow-wow singers, give a stunning performance of Native Drumming.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
Two World Concerto (for Native American flute and orchestra):
1. Spirit Call: “paint for us the times to come…” (14:36)
2. Lake that Speaks:
“this trembling of beings and things” (7:38)
3. Crow Smoke: “shaping worlds as fire burns…” (7:51)
4. Far From the Water
(aria for Native American flute and orchestra) (5:02)
Native Drumming (concerto for pow-wow drum and orchestra):
5. Part 1: “Flag Song” (8:30)
6. Part 2: “Destiny Song and Mask Dance” (14:47)
7. Seasons (by Shawn Scabby Robe) (2:12)
8. Zuni Corn Grinding Song (arranged by R. Carlos Nakai) (2:32)
Total Time: 59:54


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