7018Recorded in Kyoto’s Hounji Temple, Island of Bows brings together the world’s leading performer of the Native American flute, R. Carlos Nakai (Navajo-Ute) with the Wind Travelin’ Band, Shonosuke Ohkura and Oki Kano. Nakai’s flute is matched by the delicate tranquillity of the traditional Japanese shakuhachi, shamizen and koto and gracefully blends traditional sounds from East and West.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Sunrise (8:43)
2. Island of Bows (7:50)
3. KAMUI (3:44)
4. Sunrise II (3:43)
5. Cloud Temple (8:09)
6. Night Forest (6:08)
7. Red Wind (9:08)
Total Time: 48:10


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