7013Since his first release for Canyon Records in 1983, Native American flutist R.Carlos Nakai has used the traditional Native American flute in exciting new musical settings creating a new genre with widespread popularity. In this album, Nakai continues this musical experiment by joining the haunting sound of the cedar flute with sax, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. This new sound is a confluence of traditional Native American sounds, Latin rhythms and ethnic jazz. Features Nakai on Native American flute, Amo Chip Dabney on sax, keyboards and bass, Will Clipman on drums and percussion and J.David Muñiz on guitar, bass and keyboards.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Kokopelli’s Cafe (5:12)
2. Between Venus & Mars (4:18)
3. Mo’combo Gumbo (3:34)
4. The Honey Hunters (5:30)
5. Night Of The Chupacabras (3:06)
6. Whippoorwill (2:36)
7. Lizard Moon (5:07)
8. Javelina Shuffle (5:07)
9. Primitive Seasons (6:29)
10. Secular Philosophy (3:53)
11. Shaman’s Call (2:59)
12. Nightwind (2:42)
Total Time: 50:45


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