7019Two of today’s greatest and most innovative flutists, Paul Horn and R. Carlos Nakai, join for a musical exploration through the monumental spaces inside Canyon de Chelly located in the heart of the land of the Navajo.

Inspired by the moment, by the sounds of their flutes echoing and reverberating off naked rock, by the mingling of melody with unfettered wind and water and accompanied by the call of ravens and the distant rumble of thunder, Horn and Nakai created improvisations that are haunting musical impressions of this timeless place. The result is a delicate and natural sound, untouched by studio enhancement, that carries the listener along on a musical journey of the heart and imagination.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Within the Rocks (1:34)
2. Anasazi Journeys (3:25)
3. Fortress Rock (1:45)
4. Raven Rendezvous (2:10)
5. Pennyroyal Canyon (1:50)
6. Medicine Keeper (3:05)
7. Tunnel Canyon (3:19)
8. Spider Woman’s Home (1:54)
9. Bad Trail (2:38)
10. Canyon Breeze (2:00)
11. Tsegi (2:22)
12. Shaman Winds 1 (2:33)
13. Shaman Winds 2 (2:11)
14. Wild Cherry Canyon (3:18)
15. Beehive (1:56)
16. Pot-shards & Pictographs (2:17)
17. Life Surrounds Me (2;25)
18. Pele’s Thunderbird (1:54)
Total Time: 42:40


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