7021Inner Voices presents the haunting flute melodies of R. Carlos Nakai with the richness of a string ensemble in new arrangements of Nakai’s melodies. The evocative power of the traditional flute is enhanced by the lush harmonies of violin, viola, cell and double bass in arrangement by two-time Grammy Award winner, Billy Williams. Williams’ arrangements create a tranquil soundscape for the mellow tone of Nakai’s flute that takes the listener on a meditative and peaceful journey into the inner world of memory and dreams. The ten songs include eight melodies drawn from earlier albums plus a luminescent rendition of the eternally popular Amazing Grace. A haunting solo for bass traditional flute rounds out the album.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Inner Voices (8:51)
2. Canyon Reverie (5:57)
3. Winter Solstice (4:33)
4. 12/20/82 Song (3:05)
5. Amazing Grace (3:46)
6. Daybreak Vision (7:12)
7. Kokopelli Wind (5:44)
8. Songs for the Morning Star (4:22)
9. Catfish Muse (10:36)
10. Woodsong C (2:55)
Total Time: 57:56


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