7064In 1983, R. Carlos Nakai (Diné/Ute) introduced the haunting and soothing sound of the Native American flute to the world and began an exploration of the musical possibilities of this traditional instrument. This collection of songs draws from the best of Nakai’s recordings and shows the range and versatility of his artistry and musical imagination.

In Beauty, We Return presents songs for solo flute, collaborations with other ethnic artists (Nawang Khechog & Wind Travelin’ Band), jazz (the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet), collaborations with Paul Horn and William Eaton and closes with the traditional flute in an orchestral setting.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Shaman’s Call (2:56)
2. Whippoorwill (2:59)
3. Song for the Morning Star (4:16)
4. Red Streaking into Water (3:44)
5. Carry the Gift (6:05)
6. Eye of the Wind (3:40)
7. KAMUI (3:49)
8. Feather, Stone & Light (4:16)
9. Crow Canyon (5:41)
10. My Wild Heart Sings (7:59)
11. Lake that Speaks (7:47)
12. Whippoorwill (4:19)
13. Amazing Grace (3:52)
Total Time: 59:44


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