7090Filled with drama, tenderness, passionate songs, and powerful choral passages, Guadalupe, Our Lady of the Roses retells the beloved story of the Mexican native Juan Diego’s miraculous encounter with Our Lady of Guadalupe. Exploring the challenges of faith and the gift of spiritual renewal, this music drama portrays a humble man changing his world and leading his people to the future. The inner and outer worlds of Juan Diego are bought to life by the rich musical colors of Native American flute by R. Carlos Nakai, Aztec percussion and flutes by Xavier Quijas Yxayotl), and African drums by Mark Sunkett. Beautiful, lyrical, and entertaining music by James DeMars, a leadingAmerican composer. Starring isola Jones as Our Lady of Guadalupe, Robert Breault as Juan Diego, Carole FitzPatrick as La Malinche, Robert Barefield as Bishop Zumarraga, and Fr. Jorge Rodriguez Eagar as Don Valeriano.

Recorded live at the world premiere May 16 & 17, 2008.
Libretto and notes in English & Spanish

SONGS: Click below to listen.
1. Nican Mopohua (3:42)
2. Mi Alma (5:34)
3. Recitative-Juanito (3:40)
4. Sabe Esto (Duet) (1:39)
5. Interlude (1:31)
6. Canten, Canten (4:02)
7. Quien Es Ese Hombre (2:18)
8. Recitative-Let him in, expose him (2:52)
9. Victimae Paschali Laudes (2:55)
10. Intonation (:33)
11. Recitative-My lady (4:03)
12. It Passes By (3:39)
13. Traveling Music (1:41)
14. Recitative-There are so many questions (2:19)
15. Sigan (3:30)
16. Prelude (3:59)
17. Pintadnos Los Tiempos Venideros (5:11)
18. Sunrise Song (3:01)
19. The Road of Return (:20)
20. Desdichado Indio (3:15)
21. Recitative-I am Priestly Chieftain (1:37)
22. El Milagro (4:11)
23. I Believe (2:10)
24. Concedenos Paz (5:47)
Total Time: 73:50


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