7046Mind and soul are comforted by the soothing voice of Native American flute with the richness of symphonic strings, oboe, French horns, trumpet and ethnic percussion. Flutist R. Carlos Nakai and arranger Billy Williams take you on a peaceful voyage to new realms of the imagination.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Fourth World, Rainbow World (3:23)
2. Shaman’s Call (4:12)
3. Comes the Dawn (5:41)
4. Sonoran Nights (3:50)
5. Whippoorwill (4:19)
6. Eye of the Eagle (3:57)
7. Garden of Dreams (5:02)
8. Into the Twilight (5:36)
9. Under the Beautiful Sky (6:28)
10. Little Dog (4:15)
11. Meditations on Dinetah (2:47)
Total Time: 50:11


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