7043The timeless sounds of Native American flute, traditional singing and drumming blend with the textures and beats of electronica in a tribute to the resilient spirit of Native peoples throughout North America. This album also features Robert Tree Cody, Delphine Tsinajinnie, William Horncloud, Primeaux & Mike, Jay Begaye and Blackstone Singers.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Enter>>Tribal (4:19)
2. The Touch of Your Hand (4:05)
3. Changing Vision (4:40)
4. Lakota Love Song (6:15)
5. Winter Camp (3:29)
6. Plains Wind (4:36)
7. Common Ground, Shifting Sky (4:47)
8. May There Be Beauty (4:18)
9. Healing Journey (2:49)
10. Retire The Colors (3:44)
11. Lakota Love Song (Tree Cody Mix) (3:44)
Total Time: 44:44


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