7034When the haunting melodies of R. Carlos Nakai’s Native American flute are accompanied by AmoChip Dabney’s saxophones, synthesizer and bass, they create a music that combines both traditional and contemporary styles in new and exciting ways. This album reflects the panorama of American life and the importance of Native American and African American music design to the American Culture.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. American Mystery (4:18)
2. York (6:20)
3. Queztalcoatl (4:19)
4. Spirit Sharing (4:13)
5. Sacagewea (3:14)
6. Man/Woman (4:10)
7. My Way of Life (4:57)
8. Apache Wind (3:25)
9. Stomp Dance (3:00)
10. The People (2:50)
11. No Enemies (3:05)
12. Edge of the Century (4:11)
Total Time: 48:46


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