7024The long awaited follow-up album to Kokopelli’s Cafe. Features Nakai’s cedar flute virtuosity, the Eco-spiritual jazz vocalizations of bassist Mary Redhouse, the sun-fired sax and keys of Amo Chip and the pan-global percussive pulse of Will Clipman to fuse diverse traditions into a jazz expression haunted by the experience of Native America.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Tsunami (5:23)
2. Crow Canyon (5:37)
3. Big Medicine (3:22)
4. Go ‘Round Mary (4:28)
5. Makita (3:00)
6. Newfoundland (6:19)
7. Schroeder (6:10)
8.Montana Grass Dance (6:21)
9. Prairie Smoke (6:17)
10. Chota Spirits (3:38)
11. New Chant (2:56)
12. Mitakuye Oyasin (5:38)
Total Time: 56:16


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